I am John, an interior designer from Edinburgh. I was born in 1986. As a kid I liked to crunch and make carp, and this later brought me to the path of graffiti that actually led me to the ultimate goal, interior design. All stories about designing were started as a hobby in 2001, so that in 2005 I finally decided to make it a lifetime call. Soon, my first interior design became the best companion from the design team, and also my custom design of painting the walls.

In my free time I love to write rap lyrics and record them. I also love to write poetries, as well as proses and aphorisms, continue to this day. That’s my main hobby and the best way to find peace in my life.

After 7 years of working in several design studios, I finally decided to start continuing my freelance career. Also, besides working with clients, I allocate a certain amount of time to create materials that you can buy on a creative market. I recently opened a studio design and you can also visit me online through my website.

My motto in life is: “It’s better to step up and make mistakes in taking the steps than sit and scare the steps,” and this becomes my favorite aphorism line.

I have a new hobby of writing about useful knowledge in life, which also have been said in my blog. Perhaps, besides the sights of sacred design, some of my stories, lyrics and aphorisms also find some interesting and original DIY tips in life. Enjoy my writings!